For expert-preneurs (coaches, consultants, course creators, and service professionals) who want to

exponentially grow their reach (and their revenue) ...

If you’re making one of these common mistakes, it’s costing you leads and clients…


Learn How to Avoid the 17 Biggest Mistakes as a Guest Expert

That Cost You The Lead (so you can Add An

Additional 6-Figures to Your Business)

After hosting 1900 interviews (and being a guest on over 2100

podcasts), I’ve discovered the secret to doing interviews that

become a magnet for ideal clients (and a flood of new leads)!

Being interesting isn't enough to stand out and ignite new business when you are a guest expert. Discover what works best to turn on a 24/7 source of ideal client leads (and new opportunities) so that being a guest on other people's podcasts, live shows and stages becomes YOUR best client attraction system!

Immediate Clarity

“I've landed podcasts using the Guest Expert System pitch scripts that NEVER take pitches -- and gained clarity on my message after struggling with it for YEARS!"

Tracy Yates

The Founder's Secret Weapon

Increased Conversions

"I applied the Guest Expert System to my webinar and increased conversion by 30%! And I'm using these techniques on my email marketing for an 84% increase!"

Deb Coman

Content Marketing Strategist

Before you spend more valuable time that just dribbles ‘down the online drain,’ learn how to avoid the 17 biggest mistakes, you’re likely making that are costing you leads (and clients!)

When you learn how to avoid these mistakes, you’ll:

Bold Growth Goals That IGNITE Your Business Results… in 3 days!

Shatter your limits & Ignite your authority with Melanie Benson

  • Ditch the “Best-Kept Secret” Syndrome to the curb and gain MORE credibility as the OBVIOUS go-to authority in your field.

  • Avoid burning out your email list without having to spend oodles of cash on paid ads to
    drive new and fresh leads to your list.

  • Stop winging it and start using proven techniques to turn listeners into raving fans without having to spend hours growing your audience.

  • Monetize all of your time on podcasts by inspiring more leads to say YES and finally get paid for all the effort you’re putting in.

  • No longer rely solely on referrals to grow your business and start generating a predictable revenue

  • Stop feeling INVISIBLE and
    create loads of BUZZ and INFLUENCE every time an interview goes live.

  • Deliver conversations and presentations that magnetize ideal clients FAST without hustling your butt off or working more hours.

  • Provide valuable content while
    keeping YOUR unique brand and personality front and center.

If you’re ready for results like those and to amplify your authority, download the FREE ScoreCard and Guide so you learn how to avoid the 17 biggest mistakes commonly made by guest experts that keep them from getting booked on top shows and leveraging this valuable media spotlight!

Ready to let me help you turn your guest expert system into a 24/7 automated salesforce…

I struggled too...but then discovered what really works!

Hey, I'm Melanie! Since starting my business in 2000, I’ve personally coached & trained over 2,225 entrepreneurs. I’ve taken many of them from mid-5-figures to consistent multiple 6-figures and from mid-6-figures to consistent 7-figures by monetizing and leveraging their business superpower.

At each stage of my business growth, I discovered many mistakes before having my big breakthroughs and massive growth. I invested over $10k a year, learning what works and applying it in my own business before sharing it.

Wouldn't it be invaluable to discover what these mistakes are and what I learned to help you avoid losing more clients and leads and save you time figuring it out yourself?

If you’re a go-getter who doesn’t settle for mediocre results, I know you’re dying to learn what the mistakes are, so you know what to do next, right?

Check out some of the clients who have raved about their Programs with me...

“Melanie helped me map out my High Ticket Offer – and I sold my first one within 14 days!”

Julie Hood

Host; Course Creators HQ

“Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging sound bytes for better results in my trainings -- and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business."

Anne Lackey

HireSmart Virtual Employees

“Melanie helped me see how to double my rates (and easily get it) so I’m on track to double my 6 figure revenue. Now we are working on creating leveraged income so I can double again while reducing my work load!”

Dean Crownover

Your Benefit Auctioneer

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